Winter & Your Skin

Winter & Your Skin

Downside of Winter #17

Cold temperatures + Icy winds + Low humidity + Artificial heating = Dry Skin

And if you are anything like me, that dryness can lead to uncomfortable itchiness, flaking and cracking. Ouch.
So, what’s the key to avoiding dry winter skin? Hydration. Inside and out.


If you only listen to one piece of advice that your Mum or Grandma or anyone else has ever given you, it should be “drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.” The difference this simple task can have on your mind and body, inside and out, is amazing. From increased energy levels and good moods to keeping you regular and improving your skin’s complexion, the benefits of good old H2O are bountiful and basically free!



Winter is a great excuse to become a bit of a homebody. Make the most of that extra time at home and give that skin some TLC.


Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise. Pretty simple routine. And if you have the right products, ones that are compatible with your skin, it’s oh so easy. For me and loads of other people, coconut oil based products are it. Coconut oil is super hydrating and loaded with antioxidants. Not to mention it smells like summer holidays and pina coladas! Just the summery pick-me-up you need during Winter.


Pop some body oil in a warm bath. Lather yourself with a moisture-rich organic soap in the shower. Indulge your skin once a week with a delicious coconut oil and sea salt scrub. Moisturise from head to toe using a fast-absorbing body oil. Fit a few of these rituals into your day and you will hopefully be well on your way towards radiant, glowing and hydrated skin this Winter.

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