Bring The Outdoors In

Bring The Outdoors In

Nature Home

Take a walk into one of our stores and you will see how much we love styling with plants. They bring so much life to our displays and many make their way into your homes. So we were very excited to hear that “Greenery” was announced as Pantone’s 2017 Colour of the Year.


A refreshing yellow-green shade of nature that symbolises renewal, revitalisation and restoration, just the colour you need in your home to escape the chaos of modern day life. Whatever your interior style may be, the addition of greenery to your decor can create a tranquil, relaxed space to unwind at the end of a long day. So take a leaf out of our book and bring the outdoors in!


“But I’m too busy to look after real plants” “I have been cursed with a black thumb!”

Not to worry… You can still bring the outdoors in with great quality faux plants. Gone are the days when faux plants looked like faux plants! We have an amazing range of faux greenery available and they are such great quality that it is actually hard to tell that they are not real. With a rich, realistic green colour and true-to-life shape and form, our faux plants may be a little more expensive but with easy maintenance they will last for years. No watering. No pruning. Just give them a quick wipe with a damp cloth occasionally to remove dust and keep them out of direct sunlight. Too easy!


Delicate ferns warm up a cold bathroom. Cascading plants soften shelves or bookcases.


Clusters of succulents nestled in a beautiful bowl or tray add contrast to a coffee table or sideboard.


Invite some greenery into your home and reconnect with nature.



Styling and Photos by OOAK Styling