A New Year. A Fresh Start.

A New Year. A Fresh Start.

A new year. A fresh start. It’s the right time to freshen up your bedroom space. Here are our 6 tips for creating a relaxing bedroom…

  1. Lighten up your space with some fresh bed linen

You know what they say, “Happiness is fresh bed linen.” Is there anything better than climbing into bed at the end of a long day? With the important role of helping you wake each morning rested and rejuvenated, your bed is arguably the most vital piece of furniture in your home. Make it the focal point of the space with some beautiful soft linen, cushions and throws.

Featuring beautiful mandalas in blues and teals on a crisp white background, our latest exclusive quilt cover design Mandala Island will perfectly lighten up the space and create a relaxing, summer vibe. Made from 100% cotton with a 180 thread count, our Mandala Island Quilt Cover feels as good as it looks! Team it up with some beautiful cushions, throws and great quality sheets, like our Seafoam Sheet Set, and you are well on your way to not just a beautiful bedroom but a great night’s sleep too.

IMG_1616 Mandala Cushions
  1. Keep lighting soft

Soft lighting is essential when creating a relaxing atmosphere. A table lamp on your bedside that gives a gentle glow, like our Samara Lamp, will set the tone for a relaxed evening space. Make the most of natural light during the day with soft and sheer window treatments.

IMG_1608 Mandala Lamp
  1. Aim for a calming colour palette

Choose cool hues rather than warm to create a calm space. Blues, greens and greys will calm the mind and promote relaxation. Draw inspiration from your bed linen or an artwork when choosing accessories to keep your colour palette simple.

IMG_1612 IMG_1602
  1. Keep accessories simple

Avoid clutter. Accessorise with pieces that make you feel happy and relaxed. Candles, photographs and collected pieces like shells and coral may remind you of past holidays or special moments and evoke relaxation.

IMG_1629 bed11
  1. Keep a Journal and Pen in your bedside

Help clear your mind and ward off sleeplessness by keeping a journal and pen on your bedside. Use your journal to reflect on your day or simply to note down any nagging thoughts or reminders. It will end your day on a positive note and prepare your mind for a restful sleep.

IMG_1627 IMG_1609
  1. Avoid using technology

Avoid using television or computers in the bedroom and turn off your phone. Any emails, calls and text messages can wait until tomorrow. Allow yourself time to switch off your mind from work and daily life. Use the time to relax, write in your journal, enjoy a cup of herbal tea or unwind with a good book.

IMG_1600 IMG_1596

Our latest exclusive quilt cover design, Mandala Island, is currently on sale.



Credit: Styling and Pictures by OOAK Styling



I have brought the quilt cover and it looks beautiful I love the soft colours

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