Australian made series: Urban Rituelle

Australian made series: Urban Rituelle

On a beautiful and sunny autumn day we made our way south of Sydney to catch up with Leanne Haining, founder of Urban Rituelle, a divine range of bath, body and home fragrance products. Leanne’s incredibly light and spacious home that she shares with her husband Scott, their two daughters, two cats and two turtles, overlooks the calming waters of Yowie Bay. It is evident from the moment you walk in the door that the house is full of stories waiting to be told. Their love of travel is evident everywhere you look and you cannot help but feel the energy bouncing off the walls. Leanne’s lovingly thought out mixture of art, textiles, candles and greenery evoke feelings of adventure and her home will definitely leave you feeling inspired.

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Describe your style?

My decorating style is an eclectic mix of boho with a casual, contemporary, beachside vibe. I love collecting treasures from my travels & randomly blend colours, textiles & textures. I like my home to tell my story & not be too precious or constrained. I love the use of soft woods & natural greenery throughout, bringing the outdoors in.

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What are some of the things you cannot live without in your home?

I cannot live without bright, warm sunny light inside my home. I have large west facing windows & doors that I can open to let the sunshine in. I also love lots of scented candles, a gorgeous mix of cushions, music, indoor plants & of course lots of yummy food & wine! I am a very visual person, so it has to ‘look right” to me, or I get in a flap!

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Where do you go to for interior inspiration?

I am addicted to Pinterest & Instagram also love flicking through my favourites magazines Real Living & Inside Out.

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How important is ‘Australian made’ to you?

Being 100% Australian made is an absolute priority for our business. We began our business making our own products at Glebe Markets 17 years ago & we still hold tight to this tradition. We are extremely proud of being Australian owned & made and take great pride in the high quality products we are able to release to the market. Our manufacturing & production happens right outside my office, so at any time I can go out & chat to my production team & see the magic happen! Our business is also a keen exporter, with our products being sold in overseas markets including NZ, Japan & China, so being Australian made is vital for that business to exist.

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Favourite way to spend a weekend?

My ideal weekend would be spent by the ocean. I would start with early morning yoga on the sand & a long walk along the beach, followed by an invigorating swim in the sea & great coffee. After some much needed “alone time” I love spending time with my family, either boating in the Royal National park, south of Sydney or paddle-boarding, any activity with sea, salt & sunshine.

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What do you look for when creating new products for Urban Rituelle?

I am always looking for ideas & inspiration so that we can continue to bring new, exciting products & fragrances to the market. I travel as much as I can to keep my mind filled with fresh & exciting new ideas. I love interior design & homewares & constantly think about how our products will look inside the home. I think the way a product looks is just as important as how it smells & feels on the skin. Obviously quality of ingredients play a huge part in the product development process as does clever & unique packaging design. As we are suppliers to the gift & homewares industry, I always consider why you would give a gift, making sure that our products make the most divine gift to give, maybe as a gift to yourself, or someone you love!


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